What is Live Edge Wood Furniture?

Live edge furniture is very popular right now.  You may have even heard about it from decorating shows or magazines.  But what exactly is live edge furniture?

Live edge furniture is simply furniture that some of the natural edge of the tree is left intact during building.  This gives the piece of furniture a natural, organic look. Live edge can be fairly modest and mild, or very dramatic.  

At Alpine Blue Home, we enjoy designing and building furniture pieces using the woods’ natural live edge.  This embraces our philosophy of making the wood the star of all of our designs. Many of our dining tables will have live edge on both of the outside edges.  We are currently building a table that will have four live edges, with two of the edges running down the middle of the table, leaving a very slight gap in the center.  Live edge can be used for dining tables, coffee and side tables, console tables, mirrors and beds.

Live edge wood furniture can be used in almost any decorating style.  We’ve created pieces that are being used in log cabins, as well as industrial style lofts.  Live edge combines well with metal, creating a fun juxtaposition of natural and industrial.

Please come in and talk to us about creating the perfect live edge furniture for you.


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