Meet Dr. Gary Hoag, a Study in the Custom Wood Furniture Process…

Dr. Hoag is an author, professor, and scholar who spends a great deal of time in his home office. He does practically everything there, from creating an inspiring seminar, to reading journals, writing his next book, videoconferencing with clients, or for fun, planning trips to track down trout in remote places with his son, Sam.

He jokes that he only leaves it to refill his coffee, use the bathroom, and sleep.

When he decided to remodel it, he came to Alpine Blue Home and asked us to work with him to create a functional, comfortable, and creative space for him to work. Below are some of his thoughts on the custom design process.

Q.  Why did you decide to build custom instead of buying in-stock furniture?

Three reasons drove my decision: (1) Beauty. Alpine Blue Home does beautiful work. (2) Fit. I have a bad back, and I spend a lot of time, sometimes too much time, in my home office. So, I knew I needed both a sitting desk and a standing desk that were just the right dimensions for me. (3) Functionality. I’ve never had enough space to fit all my books. I wanted shelf space that would fit my needs and grow with me.

Q.  How did Alpine Blue Home help you create your space?

Four distinct actions come to mind. (1) Visit. They scheduled a time and the master craftsman came to see my office and brainstorm with me. (2) Listen. He asked me what I did and what I felt like I needed. (3) Sketches. Almost instantly, he sketched a variety of ideas that included a mix of wood and steel, then waited patiently for me to decide what I wanted. (4) Estimate. Once I picked the design I liked, he estimated the cost and timeline for production and had it ready ahead of schedule.

Q.  Did you feel that you were listened to and respected during the design process?

Yes. So much so that he gave me more than I dreamed of getting. For example, he heard me say that “I wanted enough space to fit all my books, space that would fit my needs and grow with me,” so he drilled holes every so many inches and gave me built-in book ends that make the space absolutely perfect!

Q. How do you feel about the finished space?

On a scale of 1-10, I’d rate it an 11!

Q.  Would you use Alpine Blue Home for custom furniture again, and/or would you recommend Alpine Blue Home for custom furniture?

We’ve turned to them again and again, and will continue to. They are great people who make quality products. They made a custom bench to fit below a window on the landing of a staircase for us. On another occasion, we told them we needed a step for our dog to be able to get up to the foot of our bed, and they made that fit our needs just right. We visited their shop and got a wine rack for our dining area that’s so beautiful it’s become a conversation piece! We can’t say enough good things about Alpine Blue Home.


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