Maximalism with Beetle Kill Furniture

For years and years, minimalism has been in.  Well watch out, honey, maximalism is in, in a big way (pun intended).

Instead of less is more, the design world is now saying, “more is more”.  We are seeing strong, bold colors. Large scale prints. Metallics. Mixing patterns.  Displayed collections. More, more more…

However, if not tempered somewhat, more, more, more can become a big hot mess.  It’s important to use symmetry and balance when embracing maximalist design. Too much of anything, that’s not displayed correctly, becomes “visual noise”.  Or think of it as cheesecake, a little is great, but too much will make you feel sick.

A big, beautiful wood table, in front of a brightly painted wall, can be stunning.  Instead, of adding several smaller items or collections, try one large piece of art for the wall, and maybe one carefully selected piece for on top of the table.

And don’t think that you need to get rid of all the minimalist pieces that you love.  If you have a simple, minimalist table, try adding some dramatic, colorful glass on top of it.  Add a colorful frame to monochromatic art. Rub some funk on that minimalist stuff.


Colorado Wood. Colorado Made.  Colorado style.