Comfort with Custom Finished Furniture in Your Home

Our home should be our haven.  Our safe spot. Creative inspiration.  Healing place. It should be the place that we want to always return to.  It should be comfortable.

We are embracing many different ideologies of a comfortable home: Wabi-Sabi, Hygee, Cwitch, Kon Mari, and Lagom to name a few.  If you look at these different ideas they all seem to embrace the beauty of nature, and coziness.

Creating a home that feels comfortable for you may be different than what feels right to us.  However, some things are the same across the board. Use natural materials; wood, metal, glass, cotton, silk, and wools.  Look for products that are made without harmful chemicals. When we surround ourselves with natural items we feel grounded and experience less stress.   Picture a metal vase of cut flowers sitting on top of a natural wood table, in front of a window. You’ve created your own sense of nature. Remember the essential elements: earth, air, fire, and water.  

Part of comfort, for us, is having rooms and furniture that have functionality.  We’ve never been into museum rooms. Comfort is a dining table that friends and family gravitate to while visiting.  Maybe that same table can be moved to become an island or desk.

Whatever your definition is…give your self-permission to create your comfortable space.


Colorado Wood.  Colorado Made. Colorado Style.