Small Space Living with Custom Wood Furniture

Sometimes, less is more.  Many of us are choosing to live in smaller spaces, or have rooms in our current homes that are small. However, decorating a small space can be challenging.  With a few simple tips, you can enjoy your small space lifestyle.

Don’t be timid.  Often, people with think that small spaces need to have light paint colors and small furniture and art.  This is a myth. Adding a gallery-sized piece of art can anchor a small room. Painting a deep, dark color can add drama and depth to the space.  One larger sofa can make a room live larger and look less cluttered than several small pieces.

Maximize your space and it’s function, by using double-duty furniture.  Pieces that have extra hidden storage are invaluable in a small space. A couch or day bed that can be used for a guest creates an instant guest bedroom.  

Invest in furniture that can be easily moved around to change up a space.  A dining table that can be pushed length-wise against a wall to become a desk and free up floor space, is great.  Think of furniture with casters or wheels. Not only do the wheels provide that fun industrial look to your home, it makes even a heavy piece of furniture, easy to move.

Look up.  Take furniture all the way to the ceiling.  A floor to ceiling bookcase, adds height, drama and extra storage space.  It will also visually make the room taller.

Don’t shy away from small spaces.  When decorated and furnished well, a small space feels comfortable and cozy.  

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