The Beauty of Reclaimed Wood

One definition of reclaim is to bring value or life back to something.  By using wood that is dead and destined for mulch or firewood, Alpine Blue Home, is reclaiming wood.  We will never buy wood from a mill that cuts down live trees, and we will never import wood from another state or country.  We use only Colorado reclaimed wood.

Wood is inherently beautiful.  Grain, knots, live edges, and holes are nature’s art.  Often wood that comes from trees that are dead, has an abundance of these characteristics. We try to let the wood speak and be the star of the all of the pieces that we make.  Our furniture will always retain its natural beauty. 

We celebrate live edges, knots, or other natural features. We do try and keep as much of the natural art by using a clear poly, oil or lacquer that will enhance the beauty of the piece.

In addition, when you choose to buy from an artisan that uses local, reclaimed materials, you are increasing the beauty of your local environment.  Whether the wood came from dead trees in the forest, or an urban environment; removing these trees in a thoughtful manner, increases the beauty and health of that environment.

When you bring natural, beautiful items into your home, you feel more in tune with nature.  Studies have shown that living with natural products decreases stress, and increases peacefulness and happiness. 

We invite you to come visit our showroom and see reclaimed natural beauty in our furniture and accessories.  Colorado Wood.  Colorado Made.  Colorado Style.