Urban Forestry and Benefits of Custom Furniture Woodworkers

Urban forestry is the care and management of single trees and tree populations in urban settings for the purpose of improving that environment.  Sometimes, that involves removing a tree that has died due to disease and/or storms.  By taking down the dead or diseased tree, the overall health and beauty of the environment is protected.

In the past, most trees that were brought down in urban environments were chopped into small pieces and mulched.  Fortunately, now there are many people that bring the trees down, and try to get as much usable lumber as possible out of each tree.

Alpine Blue Home enjoys working with a person that specializes in milling trees that come from urban and suburban communities.  This mill carefully and thoughtfully brings down the trees and makes the most out of their beautiful wood. 

Colorado does not have indigenous hardwood trees.  The hardwood trees that are in Colorado were intentionally planted.  Most of these hardwood trees are located in the suburbs and urban areas along the Front Range. 

By working with an urban forester, we are able to get gorgeous pieces of hardwood, while still buying local and using only Colorado wood.  We really enjoy working the unusual and spectacular wood that comes from these trees and turning them into lovely pieces of furniture and sculptural art.  In addition, we combine hardwood with beetle kill pine to create striking contrasts.

As a member of the Colorado Forest Products, Alpine Blue Home supports all forestry activities that help to increase the health of our Colorado forests.  Colorado Wood.  Colorado Made.  Colorado Style.