How to Pick the Right Size Dining Table

We get a lot of people that ask about what size dining table they need.  Sometimes this is based on the size or shape of their room.  Other times it has to do with family size, or entertaining needs. 

We’ve listed some guidelines below for choosing table size. 

-       Allow approximately 18 – 24”, per person, for seating.  If using bench seating, this can be tighter.   This is going to vary based on table shape and whether the legs or base restrict seating.  So… to seat 10 people at a rectangular table, an eight-foot table will seat four people on each side, and one at each end. 

-       A width of 24 – 30” can accommodate two people sitting across from each other, but generally won’t allow for serving dishes.  To allow for place settings and serving pieces, plan on 35-38” width.

-       You should allow for 36 – 48” around the table.  This way people can move and pull out chairs with ease.

-       If you want to maximize seating at a table, look for slender legs, or a pedestal or trestle base.  With these types of legs/bases, nobody gets stuck straddling a table leg.

Those are some technical guidelines to assist you in purchasing a table.  Now we are going to get into the emotional and practical aspects.  Depending on your lifestyle, a table that can seat 10 or 12 people, that only gets used once or twice a year, may not be practical.  Especially, if it doesn’t fit your home or budget.  As long as a table is sturdy, clean and, most importantly, welcoming your guests will be happy to join you.  We feel that it’s more important that you have a table that you love and use on a day-to-day basis.  Our everyday life should be comfortable and enjoyable.