Why buy local custom wood furniture?

What are the benefits to buying local Colorado furniture?

As a consumer, you have many choices of where to shop.  On a daily basis, you see and hear advertising for large, national chain stores.  On the surface, these stores seem to have the biggest, best selection and great prices.  Challenge yourself to dig deeper, and discover the wonder of small, independent, locally owned stores.  Below are some of the reasons you’ll be glad that you did.


1.   You can often get the highest quality and best price for your purchase.  Small, independent businesses don’t worry about generating profit for the corporation or shareholders.  Most small businesses have considerably lower overhead than large chains, and that savings goes directly into product pricing.

2.   Customer service is usually superb at a small shop.  Small business owners are involved in the day to day running of their business and keep a pulse on what their customers want.  They interact with customers and are able to hire employees from the community and spend quality time training them.  They value your business and want to provide you with the best possible experience.  Many small businesses provide their customers with services that big box stores cannot, such as in-home design service, customization, and the ability to take a product home and try it before committing to a purchase.

3.    Many small, independent stores are owned by artisans and makers.  By buying their products you are supporting creative, one of a kind, handmade, and meaningful products in your community. In addition to the products that they make, these stores bring in other wonderful items from other local artisans.

4.   Small businesses, on a whole, support the communities that they are in by also shopping locally, employing local residents, and supporting non-profit organizations.  By keeping money and support local, it strengthens the community.

5.   Locally owned small businesses know their customers and their community.  They are able to bring products in that match the lifestyle of the community, instead of having a corporate buyer decide what every store in the chain will carry.  The result; you end up with better choices and can find what you really want.


Before you head out for your next shopping trip, think about the types of stores that you really enjoy shopping in.  For excellent, knowledgeable service, creative, unique products and a strong community, think about shopping local and supporting your neighbors and neighborhood.