What type of furniture can be custom made?

The short answer to this question, is almost any type of furniture.  To delve a little deeper, we should probably clarify the different uses of the word “Custom”.

There are many stores that can “customize” a piece of furniture for you.  This will involve you selecting a piece of furniture from the showroom floor, or a catalog, and the store will “customize” the furniture by allowing you to pick fabric, finish or size.  This can be a great help when you can’t find the right furniture for your home.  However, this is probably better referred to as customized, or semi-custom furniture.

A truly custom furniture workshop will take an idea, or need that you have and turn it into reality.  You may start with an idea based on something that you’ve seen before.  Or you may have certain space constraints that require a truly custom piece.  The custom furniture builder will ask you questions about your home, your lifestyle, whether you have children or pets, and your budget. 

Following the fact-finding, they will draw up your project and present it to you along with a material list, time frame, and cost.  You will work together until the project is just right for you.   Most custom furniture makers will require a significant deposit, prior to starting work.  This deposit covers the cost of materials and design time.  When the project is complete, you will have a truly custom piece of furniture, you will love for many years.

Whether you chose custom, or customized furniture, it’s important that you are choosing what you really want.  Make sure to look at other items that the store or artisan has done before.  Do you like their style, quality, and pricing?  Do you feel that they really listened to what you wanted?  Don’t let someone else make a decision that will be in your home.  Having a piece of furniture custom made for you, should be a fun, exciting and enjoyable process. 




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