What is Reclaimed Wood

What is reclaimed wood?  There are actually several definitions of reclaimed wood.  The most common is wood that was previously used in another application.  This could be barn wood, old timbers, boats, warehouses, furniture, or even shipping pallets.


The term “reclaimed” is often used to refer to wood that came from a tree that died naturally due to disease, fire, flood, or wind.  The more appropriate term for this type of wood would be salvaged.


At Alpine Blue Home, we use primarily Salvaged wood.  Our salvaged wood all comes from Colorado.  Most of this is beetle kill pine.  However, we do use elm, maple, cottonwood, or aspen wood that comes from trees that have died naturally or due to disease.  Occasionally we will also use wood that came from trees involved in a forest fire.  You may even see wood from an old piece of furniture, doors, or another source.