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Beetle Kill Pine and Corrugated Tin King & Queen Beds

  Beetle Kill Pine and Corrugated Tin, what a great combination $1950 t0 $2150.


Beetle Kill Pine Queen Bed

100% all Beetle Kill Pine Queen head board and frame  $1550


Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine Sofa Console Table

This table works any place.  Long, tall and sleek.   Slide it under a window, in a hallway or entry or behind a sofa. The original.  $500



Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine Side Table

A great little table that can be used in the living room or as a nightstand next to your bed.  This beauty also doubles as a stool when you need extra seating.  $200

Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine Bar

This bar has a interior shelf and an open bottom, so you can pull a stool up to it. The corrugated tin adds a stylish touch to the beetle kill.    $1750


Beetle Kill Pine Casual Dining Bar

This fun little bar evokes feelings of a coffee shop or diner.   $675



Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine Buffet

An instant classic, simply perfect to hang around the dinning room with. $625


Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine Long Bench

This long sturdy bench has multiple personalities.  Put it at the end of the bed and store your slippers underneath and books on top.  Use it in an entryway of mudroom.  It provides ample seating when pulled up to a dining table. $425

Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine Coffee Table

As with all of our pieces, this table has multiple uses.  It can be used singly, or you can group two or three together to create a larger table.  It’s just the right height to kick your feet up.  $425


Beetle Kill Blue Stain Pine & Cast Iron Dining Table

A cast iron metal base is topped with a gorgeous top made of reclaimed beetle kill pine that was involved in a forest fire.  $3200


Live Edge Beetle Kill Pine Dinner Table

This gorgeous live edge table top is custom made from beetle kill pine.  The base features angled legs that hint at a modern industrial look. $2400


Beetle Kill Pine Square Kitchen Table

Small scale and clean design marry to create a great kitchen table.  $750