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beetle kill furniture and accessories


Alpine Blue Home


Alpine Blue Home is about offering stylish, handmade designs at affordable prices. We now have a new store in Evergreen as part of the Evergreen Design Center, only a one half mile from down town Evergreen off Meadow. Come see what new product we have created and what the weekly special is at 27965 Meadow, Evergreen. 

The furniture and home accessory pieces from Alpine Blue are designed, sourced and made in Colorado.  Almost all of the designs are made from beetle kill pine or reclaimed wood from the forest in Colorado.  We feel that it’s important to utilize this wood as a way of giving new life to the forest destroyed by the Pine Beetle and forrest fires.

We are designers and artisans that pull our ideas from everyday living.  We feel that it’s important that designs are not only beautiful, but offer solutions and practicality.  We believe that if furniture and accessories are “right sized” and multipurpose, it can help create harmony in living.

In addition to creating smart designs, we’ve also tried to create efficient building practices.  We pride ourselves in having very little scrap or leftover during our building process.  We have even created a line of wall hangings that are made 100% from small scraps of wood left over from the larger pieces.

We believe in living, working, purchasing in, and giving to our community.  We believe in trying to leave people and the environment better than we found them.  We are Alpine Blue Home.

The Scandinavian Design of Beetle Kill furniture
— Roland Johnson,
Beautiful design aside, the bottom line about the Alpine Blue is the clean simple design
— Jane White
Great positioning for smaller spaces, lofts and apartments
— Becca Chan
Classic lines with a real contemporary feel with the industrial look combo, true Colorado style
— Amir Hussein